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Why Hire Enforma?

Because it’s a Win/Win Situation

Enforma specializes in providing builders, owners, designers and developers the 9.36 energy efficiency compliance documentation they require. Whether it’s a detached home, duplex, town home, or low rise multi family residential project, our three step process allows us to quickly assess your priorities and advise as to which compliance path makes the most sense for your projects.

Including our fee, on average, we save our clients about $3000 in construction material costs on a single family detached home and the savings only go up from there for larger projects.

Enforma understands that quick turn around times are critical. We commit to a two week turn around time and we stand behind the quality of our reports.

If you are looking for a 9.36 energy efficiency compliance solution that saves you time and hassle, saves your project money, is quality assured, and will be delivered in a reasonable time frame, get in touch with us today!

Welcome to the Code, 9.36!

The code is Enforma’s native language. Let us interpret for you.

The National Model Construction Codes are developed and published by the National Research Council of Canada (NRCan). The codes are continuously updated, and new versions are published approximately every five years. In some provinces, the codes are amended and/or supplemented to suit regional needs, and then published as provincial codes. With the latest update of the five national codes, the 2010 National Building Code introduced a brand new Section (36), Energy Efficiency, into Part 9 (Housing and Small Buildings). As the Section title implies, 9.36 codifies measures intended to reduce energy consumption, and is focused primarily on housing. Despite the fact that this code addition is nearly twenty years in the making, with its only real predecessor being the never-mandatory 1997 Model National Energy Code for Housing, NRCan doesn’t seem to have too much to say about it, at least not online. NRCan does however neatly tabulate Model Code Adoption, including the status of 9.36, for each province/territory across Canada. At present, 9.36 has been adopted in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

Is there a 9.36 Audio Book or Something?

The government of Newfoundland & Labrador, in partnership with ThermalWise, have published a comprehensive and wonderfully illustrated Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes. While a portion of the guide is understandably specific to the region, it offers a thorough and well explained overview on:

  • Energy efficiency for homes, in general
  • The application of Section 9.36, Energy Efficiency, for new residential construction

British Columbia

Section 9.36 has been in effect in B.C. since December of 2014. The province is leading the country in residential energy efficiency with the adoption of the B.C. Step Code and a generous new residential construction rebate program from Fortis.

Enforma has been operating in B.C. since 2017 and we are excited to be part of such a vibrant industry. We have recently been approved by Fortis as an energy advisor. We supply home owners and builders with the requisite energy modelling and calculations they need when applying for Fortis rebates.

BC’s Energy Efficiency web page, located in the Building Codes & Standards section of the government website includes a link to a PDF of Section 9.36, in its entirety, as adopted by the B.C. Building Code.

Supplemental Technical Bulletins, Guides, and additional resources can be found on the Part 9 Buildings page, one click further.


Alberta adopted 9.36 in 2016 and provides some basic Information on Energy Codes on their website.  They suggest that Safety Codes Officers are prepared for both the addition and enforcement of 9.36.

Enforma cut it’s teeth in here. We started in Calgary in 2016, and in 2017 we saved builders more then $1,000,000 in construction costs and over 2000 hours of saved labour. We know the building industry in the province like the back of our hand. Help us save builders in Alberta $2,000,000 in 2019. Contact us today.


As of January 1, 2019, Saskatchewan is the most recent province to adopted 9.36. New buildings, additions and most renovations are required to comply with the new energy code requirements. Enforma has already established a presence in Saskatchewan and is actively looking for projects. Builders will benefit from our experience in the other western provinces.

If you are looking for a useful Saskatchewan focused summary of 9.36, Pro Building Inspections has a great page on their website.


Manitoba adopted 9.36 of the energy code on April 1, 2016. All new houses, and new buildings under 3230 square feet built for residential, commercial or low hazard industrial purposes, must comply.

Enforma has been operating in Manitoba since 2017. The City of Brandon put together a presentation that explains 9.36 from a Manitoba perspective.

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