Energy Code Compliance, Simplified

You focus on building and leave the energy code compliance to us.

Who is Enforma?

Enforma is a team of building energy modelers and energy code specialists. We describe
ourselves as “integrated design enabling, red tape cutting, defenders of time and money.”

Fast Facts About Enforma
  • Started in 2016 by Mikhael Horvath.
  • Provide commercial and residential developers, builders, designers, and owners the energy code compliance documentation they require.
  • Specialize in cost effective compliance for projects. Hold ‘Permission to Consult’ with the Professional.
  • Engineering Associations in each of the four western provinces.                                                                                         
Get to Know the Team
  • Professional team of engineers and energy modelers.
  • Over 50 years combined experience in energy code consulting, mechanical systems design, R&D, and project management.


Fortunately, our draftsman referred us to Enforma. Mikhael is easy to talk with, attentive and listens to what we need. He’s fast at what he does and has actually saved us money on a  couple of projects. Mikhael made it easy to add energy code requirements to our business and we work with him exclusively.

Cathy Palendat, Owner, C&S Contracting

We focus on the west…

(but we help out anywhere energy codes are adopted)

British Columbia

British Columbia adopted the energy code in 2014 and Enforma has been operating in there since 2017. In addition to providing Step Code compliance reports, we’ve been approved by Fortis as an energy advisor who can perform the necessary calculations needed to access Fortis’ new home construction rebates.


Enforma cut it’s teeth here. We started in Calgary in 2016 (immediately after Alberta adopted the energy code), and in 2017 we saved builders more then $1,000,000 in construction costs and over 2000 hours of saved labour. We know the building industry in the province like the back of our hand.


As of January 1, 2019, Saskatchewan is the most recent province to adopted the energy code. New buildings, additions and most renovations are required to comply with the new energy code requirements. Enforma has already established a presence in Saskatchewan and is actively looking for projects.