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Energy Code Compliance for Non-Residential Part 3 & 9 buildings.

NECB & ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance

All new Part 3 buildings and, in some cases, even renovations to Part 3 buildings, are subject to the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB). Versed in the full range of compliance options provided by the code, Enforma delivers just the right level of consulting you need to achieve your project goal: energy code compliance with minimal design and capital cost impact.   


BC Energy Step Code

All Part 3 buildings subject to the BC Energy Step Code (ESC) require energy modeling to fixed energy targets AND airtightness testing during construction. In order to avoid time delays and cost overruns on your project, we ensure that ESC energy modeling is structured and well coordinated. We can also be a part of your airtightness advisory and testing team through the construction phase.                                   

Building Optimization

Whether in conjunction with energy code compliance or as a separate task, Enforma is able to provide energy modeling for the purposes of energy and capital/operating cost minimization, or to provide guidance on realizing particular energy targets. Our experience with optimization has ranged from systems optimization for net-zero residential analysis to building envelope insulation optimization for a mountain top ski hut.


Mikhael has been a great help in navigating through the requirements of the National Energy Code. As a post frame builder, we required an energy consultant that could provide energy performance recommendations and modeling for non traditional building structures. Mikhael was able to provide us what we required and continues to be our primary resource for all things “energy code”. We’re proud of our energy efficient buildings, and Mikhael is a key part of demonstrating this by providing energy modeling for performance path energy code compliance. Mikhael delivers modeling results in the required forms and formats, and is quick to answer any questions that come up during permitting, construction and inspections – making it easier for both Remuda and building inspectors. We appreciate Mikhael’s positive attitude and his eagerness to help us out whenever he can and are looking forward to working with Mikhael on many future projects!

Tony Dewit

Remuda Buildings