Your success matters to us!

Enforma helps you meet your deadlines by delivering accurate results on schedule.
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Your success matters to us!

Enforma helps you meet your deadlines by delivering accurate results on schedule.
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If you have used a GANTT chart, you know that timelines drive construction projects. A missed deadline can cause a ripple effect impacting everything from the permit application to the occupancy date. At Enforma, keeping our promise is not only an ideal, it’s how we do business … and our Clients appreciate it!


Mikhael is a true pleasure to work with. He answers my questions quickly and his turn around time is impeccable. I find his knowledge of different energy codes reassuring. With Mikhael, my permit applications do not raise any concerns from the local jurisdiction. His dependability explains why he has been Porchlight’s energy code compliance consultant for years.

Renee Clements

Product Development Manager, Porchlight Developments


We felt backed into a corner when the new energy code was introduced in 2016. Fortunately, our draftsman referred us to Enforma. Mikhael is easy to talk with, attentive and listens to what we need. He’s fast at what he does and has actually saved us money on a couple of projects. Mikhael made it easy to add energy code requirements to our business and we work with him exclusively.

Cathy Palendat

Owner, C & S Contracting


I had some concerns about the new energy code requirements, but Mikhael put my mind at ease. He’s good. He’s dialed in. Anytime I have an issue he responds immediately. He’s much more hand’s on then the competition. Sometimes a project won’t start for a year after Mikhael’s initial work and he picks it up like it was yesterday.

Mike Jubb

Owner, Willix Developments


About 4 years ago I was referred to Mikhael by a colleague. He proved his abilities as a team player and he has been been my firm’s go-to consultant ever since.  He provides the provincially mandated energy code analysis reports for my commercial, institutional and multi-family residential projects including high-end luxury homes. Mikhael is very thorough, professional and always proactive. For example, he was the key to helping one of our clients decide on moving forward to meet the pending energy code changes prior to Dec 2019 by offering to execute his work in a very short time period so that the submission was complete and ready once the other consultants submitted their work. What really sets Mikhael apart is his unwavering integrity. He keeps his promises to meet my deadlines and regularly updates me on his progress, which all contribute to our team’s success.

Michael Shocrylas

Architect, AAA, RAIC, ASAI, Sho-Arc Bureau of Architecture Inc.


Mikhael has been a great help in navigating through the requirements of the National Energy Code. As a post frame builder, we required an energy consultant that could provide energy performance recommendations and modeling for non-traditional building structures. Mikhael was able to provide us what we required and continues to be our primary resource for all things “energy code”. We’re proud of our energy efficient buildings, and Mikhael is a key part of demonstrating this by providing energy modeling for performance path energy code compliancy. Mikhael delivers modeling results in the required forms and formats and is quick to answer any questions that come up during permitting, construction and inspections – making it easier for both Remuda and building inspectors. We appreciate Mikhael’s positive attitude and his eagerness to help us out whenever he can and we looking forward to working with Mikhael on many future projects!

Tony Dewit

Director Residential, Remuda Buildings


We have used Mikhael’s help for questions related to Section 9.36 on our own energy code compliance analyses.  We have also sent clients to him who are needing Commercial / NECB analysis done.  In all instances, Mikhael has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond what I expected.  He answered my questions promptly and in detail, following up to make sure I was satisfied.

Faith Zwozdesky

Intermediate Architectural Technologist, Robinson Residential Design


We regularly use Enforma for our energy code requirements. Mikhael and his team provide accurate results that rarely trigger building permit comments. Always on time and very good at working toward our priorities. They take a load off our shoulders.

Branden Leitch

Architectural Technologist, Dean Thomas Design Group


After multiple frustrating months of requesting quotes and information from trades (for our house build), I needed to line up an energy consultant. What followed was literally the best experience I’ve had with a professional. Mikhael first asked if I knew what an energy consultant did, why I needed one and if I knew what the process was. I said no. He provided me with an excellent and easy-to-understand explanation; giving me complete confidence in his abilities. Mikhael is friendly, responds quickly, and is always helpful. He is one of the people I always look forward to contacting and I highly recommend using his services.

Jason Barg

P.Eng, Kelowna Homeowner

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