Residential Services

Energy Code Compliance for Part 3 & 9 Residential Projects.

NECB Compliance

All new Part 3 residential buildings in Alberta and Saskatchewan are subject to the comprehensive National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB). Thoroughly versed in the extensive full range of compliance options provided by the code, Enforma delivers precisely the right level of expert consulting you need to achieve your specific project goal: energy code compliance with minimal design and capital cost impact. Achieving NECB compliance in residential builds not only ensures energy efficiency and sustainability but also significantly reduces operational costs and environmental impact, fostering long-term savings.

9.36. Energy Efficiency Compliance

Enforma has provided 9.36 compliance analysis and documentation since 2016. Since then we’ve completed the documentation for over one thousand dwelling units. Most of our Part 9 clients have elected to use the Performance Path (energy modeling), allowing us to help them collectively save millions in construction costs. We are equally pleased to assist with the Prescriptive and Prescriptive Trade-off Paths when needed (ex. renos and additions). Our objective is to demystify the requirements and help you find the most practical and cost effective compliance solution for your project.

BC Energy Step Code and Airtightness Testing

All new residential buildings in BC require energy modeling to fixed energy targets AND airtightness testing during construction. In order to avoid time delays and cost overruns on your project, we ensure that ESC energy modeling is structured and well coordinated. For Part 9 residential projects achieving a specific air tightness level is mandatory to progress through the Step Code’s tiers. Enforma conducts the test using a blower door apparatus and quantifies the air permeability of a building’s envelope in air changes per hour (ACH) at a pressure difference of 50 Pascals (Pa). 


About 4 years ago I was referred to Mikhael by a colleague. He proved his abilities as a team player and he has been my firm’s go-to consultant ever since. He provides the provincially mandated energy code analysis reports for my commercial, institutional and multi-family residential projects including high-end luxury homes. Mikhael is very thorough, professional and always proactive. For example, he was the key to helping one of our clients decide on moving forward to meet the pending energy code changes prior to Dec 2019 by offering to execute his work in a very short time period so that the submission was complete and ready once the other consultants submitted their work. What really sets Mikhael apart is his unwavering integrity. He keeps his promises to meet my deadlines and regularly updates me on his progress, which all contribute to our team’s success.

Michael Shocrylas

Sho-Arc Bureau of Architecture Inc.